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The fancy bracelet that you bought last month? Does it protect you from robbers and intruders? Well, sadly no because it is just a piece of jewelry that is not meant to protect you.

This self defense bracelet has changed the game. Now, you can slay your fashion look by wearing a self-defense bracelet at the same time it can be used for self-protection.

The stainless steel in the bracelet is perfect for punching the face of an attacker. The best thing about the bracelet is that it sticks to your wrist giving you the ability to execute multiple strikes.

With simple self-defense training, you will be kicking the ass of every robber who tries to mess with you.

The bracelet is unisex meaning everyone can use it. The women's self defense bracelet can be used by her and also by her husband if he wants.

Another great aspect of the bracelet weapon is that even though it is a safety tool nobody can guess.  This hidden bracelet weapon is the perfect disguised safety tool for effective striking as your attacker has no clue about it.

So, give your safety priority and invest in this super cool self-defense bracelet that will save your life.